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Larger Oval Shaped Swarovski Crystal Bar Bangle Bracelet

£62.00 £59.00

This bangle is specifically designed for women with larger 8 inch wrist. The bangle may looks dainty, but this bangle is a sturdy 14 gauge handcrafted sterling silver wire-wrapped crystal bar bangle bracelet. A beautiful shimmering silver hammered oval-shaped bangle bracelet features which a handmade wire-wrapped Swarovski Crystal Bar which is joined with the bangle on one side and closes the bangle on the other side. The bangle bracelet closes with a simple hammered hook closure. 

Original Design by Alexa Martha 

  • Unique Wire Wrapped Bangle Design
  • Herringbone Wrap Style
  • Metal is Sterling Silver 14 gauge
  • 6 mm Round Swarovski Crystals
  • Choose from 14 single color choices
  • Fits  only a 8 inch wrist and should sit rather snug
  • Handcrafted Montana Jewelry