The perfect PH level shampoo which is good for dogs and cats alike.

We have kept bar unscented as essentials oils can be very potent and have high medical value and usually can be life threatening for pets if they lick or ingest them in any manner so by using charcoal and neem oil we have given the bar a neutral flavour which the pets actually like and enjoy using.

  • Neem oil: has been used for centuries to help pets repel various bugs like tics and fleas and mosquitoes and it has a very strong moisturizing capabilities which help is soothing and relieving the pets from their itchy skin.
  • Charcoal: This nature wonder product fights effectively in eliminating the odours and all kind of pet smells and keep the pet coats shiny and healthy all colours alike. 
  • Panthenol: Pro vitamin B5 helps give extra protection to pets skin and soothes it from any irritation. 

This shampoo bar lathers easily and helps to wash the pet without testing their patience and with have no aroma or fragrance keeps them clean for long as usually to get rid of the scent they straight go into mud .

Keep the bar dry between washes helps to keep it solid and lasts long.

This shampoo bar has been used successfully on all breeds of dogs, cat ( hairless ones too) ,horses and guinea pigs for now but the list can be endless..

Ingredients: Sodium cocoyl isothienate,coco glucoside,Melissa azardiracta neem seed oil,activated charcoal powder,iota carrageenan, distilled water,panthenol.

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