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10 Inclusive Lingerie Brands We Love

10 Inclusive Lingerie Brands We Love

By Emily Smith


The lingerie industry has long been chastised for under-representing the uniqueness of women’s bodies and manufacturing bras for the “perfect boob”. But the perfect set of breasts do not exist, all boobs come in different shapes and sizes, and whilst we’ve been ransacking the racks to find our perfect fit, from Plunge to Balcony, Push-Up to Non-Padded, Bustiers to Sports Bras, we have failed or rather, society has failed to tell us that no matter your shape, all boobies are beautiful.

With the global market for adaptive clothing predicted to surpass a value of $392 billion by 2026, finally, the lingerie market is opening its eyes to all our weird and wonderful busty (or not so-busty) silhouettes are being celebrated with these inclusive lingerie brands that make you want to release your beasts, no matter what your size, shape, background, or gender identity. Don’t let the fact it’s no longer Valentine’s Day put you off, indulge your breasts and treat yourself with some gorgeous underwear that leave you supported and feeling unbelievably sexy.

Playful promises –

Playful promises

the UK-based brand oozes body positivity with collections ranging from 28DD to 44H. So if you’re a busy queen seeking a sultry, satin corset, a hand-embroidered floral bralette with luxury embellishments or perhaps a pair of lacy stockings, soft muslin, a silk baby-doll or simply some quirky knickers, Playful Promises has a sexy instalment for every plus-size.  




 Savage X Fenty

Savage X Fenty

the lacy luxe of Savage x Fenty is already our top-drawer staple with its gorgeous scalloped styles, intricate detailing and embellished finishes. Barbadian singer Rhianna’s brand reps the ornamentation of both big and small busts. The contention of the tits is over! The brand has even curated a collection for men too, so whatever your gender, embrace the beauty in your underwear.




    Aerie –

    with a mantra of “Revolution is Inclusion”. Aerie has been our soap box heralder of body inclusivity since the launch of #AerieREALcampaign back in 2014. This campaign saw the replacement of photoshop finished models with real women to promote the unique beauty in all body shapes and all abilities, empowering femininity with role models like Beanie Feldstein and Ali Stroker. Style and body promotion is not their only examples of inclusivity, Aerie’s garment are made with UV-protective fabrics, and even include innovative designs for post-surgical support



    presenting its customer-base with over 80 bra sizes to choose from, ThirdLove recognising the individuality of our breasts by using real women’s measurements instead of size templates, a breast shape dictionary and a thorough fitting guide to create their collections. Their bras are all available in half-cup sizes and are made with extra luxury comforts as each cup is made from memory foam that mould to everyone’s unique chest shape. Their underwear ranges too from a size XS to 3X and made from natural, breathable fibre leaving you feeling fresh and free.


    Fleur De Mal –

    Fleur de mal
    Perhaps offering the most tantalising and sensual styles on our list, Fleur De Mal creates plus-size pieces with playful extras, we’re talking black, peek-a-boo boos in naughty places, silk blindfolds and satin cuffs as well as indulgent velvet overlays and fine French Leavers lace.





      TomboyX –
      a gender-neutral brand creating wardrobe staples period-free panties to leakproof, temperature-regulating boxer briefs. Their brand takes inclusivity in every sense of the word by creating a collection that is both bodily diverse and sustainable, with sizes range from XS to 6XL and garments made from sustainable beechwood. The brand’s co-founder Fran Dunaway was also a breast cancer survivor and another curator of a bra design catering specifically for women recovering from mastectomies.



        my favourite brand in our selection, AnaOno was founded by a breast cancer survivor and helps women navigate their struggle to find the right fitting bra. AnaOno caters for all breast types providing custom styles and unique features such as removable cups and convertible straps, every individual can find their style whether you have a large chest, a flat chest, one breast or no breasts. Perhaps the most amazing design is the front-closing Rora Front Pocket Mastectomy Bra, voted the best post-mastectomy bra by InStyle magazine, Women who’ve recently undergone the brutal and brave breast surgery never have to feel isolated again.

        Saalt –

        finally a brand challenging the deeply entrench ideal that menstruation is a “taboo” subject. Saalt brings sustainability to the forefront with their reusable period underwear. No matter your flow, the moisture-wicking and leakproof materials used in the manufacture will mean no accidents. Saalt isn’t just practical, their chic and beautiful. Designed in Paris, Saalt uses sateen fabrics and breathable mesh materials and come in understated elegant tones like “Quartz Blush”and “Glacier Turquoise”.


          Cuup –
          Cuup have done away with the “excess” of underwear. They’re mission is to give women moder, minimal, unlined bras for all women that give support and breathability, providing comfort above all else. To create a truly luxurious finish, Cuup makes their bra measurements based on real bodies and sourced fabrics with a high-finish and performance strength. As Cuup say themselves, they “challenged the notion that sensuality is anything other than a self-defined state of being”.



            Slick Chicks –

            Helya Mohammadian created this label after seeing her sister struggle with underwear after she under-went a C-section. Slick Chicks manufactures underwear with side-fastening underwear that can be put on or taken off in any position. The underwear is deigned to be worn under any garment, in any colour and are available in black, beige and white, in a variety of cuts. What’s more, all the fabrics used in production are moisture-wicking, anti-microbial and include a 100% cotton lining, making them breathable, super soft and perfect for sensitive skins.