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5 Sustainable British Wedding Dress Brands

5 Sustainable British Wedding Dress Brands

By Phoebe Larner

There are many ways to remain ecologically conscious on your wedding day. Wearing a dress that best fits your ethical and moral values can be achieved by opting for a sustainable gown that has been produced with only sustainable materials. Or why not a locally-made outfit or one you’ve rented? The list goes on. With so many possibilities, here are a few British brands to help you make the best ecologically conscious decision for your big day.


Indie Bride London

Indie Bride London is a London-based bridal company. Fashion designer Miina Laitsaari heads the brand. As she says, she is passionate about creating “romantic, bohemian and vintage-inspired wedding gowns” while keeping sustainability in mind.

She prides herself on the brand’s “no waste” approach. All fabrics are ordered to measure on purchase to ensure there is no excess and no waste. If there are some off- cuts these are then turned into accessories such as a sash. All fabrics are made from sustainable materials, favouring natural fibres such as bamboo, silk and ramie. Miina is personally involved in the dress-making process and every gown is handcrafted.

 indiebride london

Luna Bea

Luna Bea is a specialist wedding gown brand based in East Sussex. Created with powerful women in mind, Luna Bea creates simple yet elegant pieces. By using beautiful silk fabrics, the gowns are cut to highlight the bride’s best features.

Luna Bea is an ethical brand which means the silk used for each gown is chemical-free and every part of the production is looked at from an ethical standpoint..It’s a female-run studio which works hard to ensure every employee earns a fair wage.

 luna bea

Rolling in roses

Rolling in Roses is a small-scale brand based in York. On her website, founder Hayley says she’s designing for the “offbeat, sophisticated, fiercely independent bride”. The brand has a strong ethical ethos. From the outset, Hayley makes sure all items are hand-made by her own team - nothing is factory produced. And all her fabrics are sustainable starting with the materials themselves and where they’re sourced. And finally, she ensures everything can be recycled even packaging her gowns in biodegradable bags.

Sustainability doesn’t only apply to her designs but also to her office life: every piece of packaging from what is consumed in the office is recycled. Being ecologically conscious is a lifestyle she fully stands by.

rolling in roses bridal 

Mary Benson

Mary Benson is a brand that focuses on everyday wear but also has a bridal collection. Based in York and created by Mary Benson herself, the brand aims to create vintage-looking pieces made to last forever.

Benson takes a sustainable approach by giving in to slow fashion, focusing on eco-friendly fabrics created sustainably and using deadstock so fabric doesn’t end up in a landfill. She also works with local factories to make sure she knows exactly where her products are coming from and can check that everything is being made to ethical standards.

Finally, she prides herself on being fully transparent and will happily answer any questions you have about the ethical design process.


mary benson wedding dress

Rita Colson

Rita Colson is a bridal brand based in London. Created by Rita, her designs are all about vintage lace and silks to create modern yet timeless pieces.

Her latest collection features eight different looks - all designed to be ecologically conscious.

She even upcycles vintage pieces to fit her new garments and uses end-of-line fabrics wherever she can as a way of reducing waste.

Her designs are tailor-made to suit an individual’s own personality. It’s an approach which focuses on ‘inclusivity’ and not ‘exclusivity’.rita colson weddings designer