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2024 Beauty Trends

2024 Beauty Trends

By Ingrid Hilb


Are you ready to hear about the latest trends within the beauty industry? Then say no more! Stay along for the next couple of minutes where we will guide you through this fantastic and environmental conscious change.

Sustainable Beauty trends 2021

The first - place goes to the influence of generation Z (the demographics born in between 1995 – 2005). This digital generation has influenced the beauty industry to a level where beauty brands have had to rethink their messages and values, to a very much environmental - caring and self – empowered purposed one. Reiki Infused Beauty products, from skincare to haircare products and natural fragrance is where Gen Z is finding and refill their energy. Hemsley, Lily of London, Kati Kaia and other British Brands pioneering Reiki movement.

 reiki infused candle

On a second - place, comes what many have called: “the conscious beauty diet”, which means developing more mindful habits when purchasing new products.

This comes in hand with demanding fewer products with the right ingredients that deliver the same results.

The skin – care industry is leading this “less is more” type of philosophy, and brands like Ella Organics is bringing a simpler morning skin care routine or the Elan Skincare is working along with unique essential oils blends and creates natural deodorants for ultimate comfort and zero waste living.   

CBD oil as beauty trend


Now talking about ingredients, here are some leading the list for a third-place trend. CBD is the most hyped one right now, understood as hemp or sativa, brands like Kiehl’s have infused it into their products due to its anti – inflammatory and antioxidants benefits. Also, our own in house award winning brand SuperfoodLx products do miracles for your Skin and Hair. 

Continuing our top five, the beauty industry is becoming more technology driven in search of products that are sophisticated and effective. One of the leading competitors is Foreo, a facial cleaning device that is receiving all the clicks.

Furthermore, the bioengineering factor is playing a fundamental roll in experimenting with substituting ingredients like e.g. marine- derived, preserving the natural evolution of the planet.



And lastly but no least, brands have been working on a “positive packaging” like the one made from plantable paper for a more compostable one and fully recycled packing contributing to reduce their footprint and become more eco- friendly. All of our brands at The Positive Company use plastic free and reusable packaging!