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2024 Ethical Activewear & Eco Friendly Yoga Leggings

2024 Ethical Activewear & Eco Friendly Yoga Leggings

Sustainability has no doubt become an increasingly important factor when it comes to fashion. Although it can be difficult to know exactly where to purchase ethical and eco-friendly gym clothing.

Below is a roundup of the 7 best brands for sustainable yoga clothing, allowing you to refresh your wardrobe with a clear conscience.

There is a combination of both high end to more affordable brands with high quality, sustainable collections, all offering individually unique and stylish pieces.


1. Studio Ehr

Studio Ehr Sustainable Luxury Yoga Wear

 Studio Ehr believes in creating beauty out   of waste using principles of the circular   economy in every aspect of their designs.   They craft beautiful conscious non-toxic   movement wear, ethically made in London,   and responsibly sourced for active   endeavours. 

 The brand's entire collection   is made of   ECONYL® and the fabric is   certified non-   toxic STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®,   the world's best-known label   for textiles   tested for harmful substances.

 STUDIO EHR Yaz Italian Regenerated Active Top Black- £125

2. VEOM 

VEOM is London-based creative environmentalists that love fashion but firmly believe in recycling, renovating and pure living. Much like you, they care about the environment and have created ethically manufactured leggings and sport bras that combine functionality and comfort. They use a 3D modelling process involving simulation of pressure distribution from the leggings to the body. The result is outstanding comfort and brilliant fit. There’s no compromise on style, performance or sustainability!

Yellow Print Legging - £58

3. One People

luxury sustainable activewear

Every year, tonnes of plastic waste find their way to the oceans damaging the natural habitat of marine animals. As a responsible and sustainable brand, 1 People want to support projects that recycle this plastic waste and also make sure that the fabric we use harm the environment as little as possible.

For all swimwear and activewear 1 people use Econyl, which consists of 78% recycled polyester and 22% elastane. The polyester used for recycling is collected from abandoned fishing nets and carpet lint. The fabric is designed to meet the environmental demands for reducing the amount of plastic waste whilst also meeting a high quality standard with the necessary UV protection. The texture is soft, lightweight and flexible, which makes it a perfect material for our swimwear and activewear. All 1 People activewear is also Oeko-Tex certified.

Stockholm Navy Leggings £95


eco friendly acrivewearRYLEY is activewear made of recycled   waste. The philosophy is centred around   sustainability, function and design, using   recycled waste materials and eco-friendly   processes.

All garments are locally made in a factory in East London with materials thoughtfully  sourced from threads and zips to biodegradable packaging. To minimise textile waste they offer a Repair/Recycle service in hopes of creating a more circular economy.

 Bridget Red Sports Bra - £85



BOODY - Made from organically grown bamboo, Boody is a clothing brand that supports the trend for all things green and ethical. Boody Active offers the premium quality and innovative style you want, paired with the durability you need. Everything they make is certified cruelty free and comes from ethical supply chains so you can be confident in your choices. They believe in refining rather than reinventing the design create timeless, versatile looks to be worn again again. 

High Waist Active Tights 2.0 -£60


6. Organic Basics

Organic Basics Yoga Leggings

 Organic Basics offers high-quality   sustainable and ethical yogawear for   women made with best organic  materials. They put sustainability at the   core of everything. The Denmark-based brand only partners with factories that care about their impact and continuously are improving their standards, remaining humble at the same time. This gorgeous ethical yogawear brand lead the way for sustainable, ethical and better made yoga wear and basics.  

Active Leggings -£75 



7. Nature Hommage

Nature Hommage Econly Activewear

 Nature Hommage's mission is to combat   plastic waste and challenge the fashion   industry as a whole. They believe in a better world of fashion and creating pieces that nourish the planet's health and future. They focus on designing minimalistic   pieces that don't go out of style over creating a new collection for every season. Their innovative and sustainable techno-fabrics engineered to boost excellent recovery power and perfect muscular compression.

Nature Hommage Leggings- £85