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Best Eco-friendly Protein Powders

Best Eco-friendly Protein Powders

By Akshay Raja 

Whey protein is made from the leftover waste created during the cheesemaking process. With the environmental impacts of dairy farming having already been researched heavily, this article will not attempt to explain how this process shows whey protein to not be a viable option for an environmentally friendly, sustainable protein powder.

Rather, the focus of this article is to highlight protein powder brands who are making a significant effort to reduce their carbon footprint and produce and distribute their products in an environmentally friendly way.

The first of such brands is Vitally Vegan: a UK-based company offering vegan protein powders in glass packaging, thus avoiding the environmental damage caused by using plastic packaging. Furthermore, Vitally Vegan send refills in 100% brown paper and rather than using a plastic scoop, the product comes with a recycled coconut husk scoop. Further evidence of the commendable work of Vitally Vegan is their pledge to support World Land Trust to protect threatened habitats and species around the world.

Not only are Vitally Vegan a sustainable and reliable brand to buy from, but their protein powders are also packed full of 20 grams of protein per serving, as well as the benefits of acai berry and matcha green tea and other rich sources of minerals and vitamins.

Eco-friendly protein powder

Form Nutrition are another brand offering eco-friendly, plant-based protein powder. As the first UK-based protein brand to become a B Certified Corporation, the protein comes in compostable packaging. 

As with Vitally Vegan, Form do not only produce and distribute their protein in an environmentally sustainable manner, but they ensure that their product is of a high quality. With the choice between three types of protein, ranging from fifteen grams of protein per serving to thirty grams per serving, the protein powders are created from a range of organic sources and are again supplemented with vital vitamins and minerals, including five grams of BCAA’s per serving of the performance protein. BCAA’s are valuable as they can boost muscle growth and enhance athletic performance.

Bulk offer a variety of low waste protein powders and are, again, packaged in 100% compostable materials, with the exception of the five kilogram pouches.


Eco-friendly protein powder

Included in Bulk’s array of protein powders are a line of vegan protein powders, made from various sources including pea protein, hemp protein and brown rice protein; with the vegan powders ranging from twenty-three to twenty-seven grams of plant-protein per serving.





A final protein brand to be aware of is Huel. Huel has garnered a lot of attention in recent years and though they have recognised that there is room for them to further reduce their environmental impact, they do offer nutritionally complete, low-carbon and high-quality vegan protein powders.

Huel protein powder

Huel have reduced the impact they are having on the environment by relocating their distribution centres to cut the ‘food miles’ of their products in the UK and Europe by almost eight million kilometres and have outlined further aims they have to continue working on this goal.

Offering a variety of protein powders to meet the needs of different individuals (including a gluten-free range), Huel offer nutritionally complete protein powders. One serving of Huel ranges from twenty-nine grams to forty grams of plant-based protein per serving, as well as all of the protein powders containing twenty-six vitamins and minerals, contributing to healthy recovery and performance.