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I’m not vegan, but my deodorant is!

I’m not vegan, but my deodorant is!

By Fayrouz Khaled


In this rapidly moving world, we sometimes forget to stand, pause and look around to observe and admire our surroundings.

This planet is our home, and because it is our home, sustainable living is the key to keep it clean, healthy, alive and happy.

Did you know that Antiperspirants and deodorants are the highest cosmetic product in demand in the US? I won’t be surprised if it’s the highest cosmetic product in the world.

plastic free deodorant alternative

I honestly struggle a lot with choosing my deodorants: some products would leave a mark on almost everything I wear, others would make the sweat smelling even worse, others caused skin irritations, and when I found one that is remotely close to good, I still must wash my armpits during the day cause It’s not strong enough.

zero waste eco friendly bathroom alternatives

But then… *drum roles*

I discovered plastic-free, aluminium, vegan, and anti-cruelty free deodorant alternatives, and I’ll share my gift of knowledge with you so your deodorant can go plastic-free too.


Some people would ask me what’s the difference between this and anything else.


Well, my friend, here is how it goes:

Plastic-free and aluminium free and all-natural deodorants do not have chemicals. They are sustainable which is good for the environment, but it is also perfect for you.

Our skins react so much to the chemicals in the cosmetics products without us even noticing.

Here are some of the best deodorant alternatives that you’ll love.



recconection plastic free deodorant

Gentle natural deodorant! Re:connection is a company that produce only natural and organic skincare products.

Their deodorants are too literally die for. That’s not just it, but the packaging and every detail make you want to buy more!

Their deodorants offer all day long protection, suitable for sensitive skin and provide complete odour absorption.

They have more than one scent: Geranium & Mandarin, Spearmint & Grapefruit, Cedarwood & lemon, and finally my favourite Peppermint & Tea tree cause peppermint, Duh!




fit pit plastic free deodorant

I believe the name says it all, don’t you?

Fit pit is one of the top eco deodorants in the UK. It’s free from aluminium, plastic, and also organic and vegan. It is very effective and smells heavenly.

They have one that is lightly perfumed with rosemary. They also have peppermint, tea tree& orange, and more.



Apothecary Muse

Plastic free Deodorant

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, then this deodorant alternative is just for you.

This brand’s sole purpose is to produce natural products for people who like to spend most of their time outdoors.

It is safe for the skin, safe for our plant environment and safe for the economy, which is always a bonus.