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CBD Mascara: The Future of Eyelashes?

CBD Mascara: The Future of Eyelashes?

By Natasha Dunn


There’s an endless debate over eyelashes. How do I make them longer? What’s the best mascara? Should I tint them? Or resort to a fake pair? This article may bring a conclusion to the debate and finally provide an answer on how to keep your eyelashes long and luscious. One word, or more appropriately an acronym: CBD.


What is CBD?

CBD oil for beauty

Without falling in the trap of overt technicalities, CBD or Cannabidiol ‘is one of over 100 chemical compounds known as cannabinoids found in the cannabis or marijuana plant’ as quoted on Healthline. It’s known to have several benefits, including alleviating anxiety. But it’s important to know what you’re buying; some products may claim to contain this chemical compound, but it doesn’t mean the quality is up to scratch.


CBD Mascara: Pro’s and Con’s

Now on to what you came here for: mascara! So, are there any actual benefits to using a CBD infused mascara on your eyelashes, or is it just one of those fads coaxing us to spend our hard-earned cash?

Well apparently there are benefits, number one being that it might actually make your eyelashes grow according to The Every Girl. It’s a very good start, but there’s more including its creamier clump defying nature.

Unfortunately with pros, there’s always cons, inclusive of limited research, the potential higher price tag and perhaps a lack of volume in application.


The Brands

CBD Mascara

This list is short but comprehensive and it begins with Milk Make-up’s Kush High Volume Mascara, not only an award winner, but has gained so much traction in the media it’s almost impossible to miss. Vegan, conditioning, with a high-tech volumizing brush, this is a product worthy of its accolades.

CBD Mascara

Our number two is Revolution’s Blowout Mascara with Cannabis Sativa. This iridescent bottle contains a jet-black formula all for only £8.00, so there’s no need to break the bank!


CBD or Hemp?!


Now this is where things become confusing, whilst scrolling down the ingredients list of these two mascaras, there’s no mention of actual CBD? But you will find Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil or Hemp Seed Oil, which is strictly not the same as CBD.


This is not to say that these products are inferior, there are many benefits to hemp especially with ailments of the skin such as inflammation and eczema. There is also a LIKELIHOOD that it supplements hair growth, which is no bad thing when it comes to eyelashes. Again I do not wish to suggest that these brands have advertised the use of CBD either. It seems the press is somewhat confused, rather than the brands themselves.


Well that was a complete 180! I set out to find some wonderful CBD mascaras, but instead it appears I’ve found some wonderful Hemp Seed Oil mascaras. I’ll reiterate, always check the packaging and indeed we all may need to settle into the fact that the future of eyelashes is not CBD, but Hemp.