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How to make Body Scrubs with Ingredients found in the Kitchen

How to make Body Scrubs with Ingredients found in the Kitchen

By Natasha Dunn

Are you sick of spending your hard-earned cash on body scrubs and not truly knowing what they contain? There’s a simple solution and all you must do is ransack your cupboards! Keep reading for some amazing DIY body scrubs created with ingredients found in your kitchen.

Coconuts and Sugar

Discovered on Perry’s Plate, this delightful mixture of coconut oil and brown sugar is a godsend when it comes to exfoliation and the removal of dry skin!

DIY Coconut Oil Body Scrub

Grab some coconut oil and brown sugar and then blend (or mash) together. You can additionally add complimentary ingredients such as vanilla oil, to make your scrub smell even more wonderful.

This body scrub has a long shelf life due to its preservative sugar content and can be stored unrefrigerated. However do beware of high temperatures to ensure the mixture doesn’t separate. And then you’re good to go; use it on your legs, feet and even your face for the ultimate exfoliation.

Avocados and Honey

Avocado Body Scrub DIY

It’d be insane to think avocados wouldn’t make an appearance. They’re not only good to put into your body, but work wonders for the outside too! And therefore an avocado and honey blend make it next onto the list.

Now I know what you’re thinking, honey and avocado will make a pretty smooth scrub: enter another kitchen staple, cornmeal.

As reported by Prevention, you take half an avocado, three teaspoons of honey, two tablespoons of cornmeal and mix. And voila your DIY scrub is born.



Oats, Water and Honey

We have to thank WholeElise and Cosmopolitan for this next one!

Oats Body Scrub DIY

And although the combination of oats, water and honey may sound like we’re going to be cooking up some porridge, this concoction of ingredients also makes a mighty fine scrub for those who suffer with sensitive skin.

You measure 60g of oats, a teaspoon of honey and two tablespoons of water to create this anti-inflammatory skincare speciality.





Rose and Beetroot

Ok we are going off-piste here and deviating away from entirely kitchen-based ingredients. But trust me it’s worth it!

Another skincare combo from WholeElise is a body butter scrub bar which offers not only exfoliation power, but additional moisturisation elements.

You take the base ingredients of cocoa butter, almond oil, almond wax and Vitamin E oil and combine this with the scrub ingredients of sugar, rose petals, beetroot powder and geranium oil. Begin with melting the cocoa butter and the almond oil and wax, then refrigerate for twenty minutes. Then it’s time for the Vitamin E oil to enter the mixture. Once thickened, add the scrub ingredients, and gently mix. This is then followed by pouring the mixture into moulds and setting in the refrigerator overnight. 

And there you have it, a body butter scrub bar for ease of use when showering! For full comprehensive instructions check out WholeElise’s YouTube or website tutorials.

Green Tea

Green tea not only offers a relaxing beverage, but it can also perform miracles on your skin by removing impurities and working as an anti-inflammatory.

In accordance with an article from Dear Crissy, you take two green tea bags, 225g of white sugar and 110g of coconut oil. After stirring the ingredients together, your new green tea body scrub will be ready for action.

I must admit that this list is not fully complete, there are so many more kitchen ingredient combo’s for excellent DIY body scrubs. Oh, and facial scrubs, moisturisers, masks and so on. It just shows you don’t have to leave your kitchen to obtain healthy and glowing skin!