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We Drifters – The Future of Insect Repellent Sustainable Fashion

We Drifters – The Future of Insect Repellent Sustainable Fashion

By Nicole Blythe


For many, a continuous problem with sustainable living is realising what everyday objects are unhealthy for the environment. When Naudia Salmon, the founder of We Drifters, was travelling, she realised that she often used insect repellents from aerosols or sprays. Not only was it inconvenient, smelly with sporadic success, but it was also contributing more damage to an already wounded environment.

We drifters founder - Naudia

Insect bites for many is a big concern – allergic reactions and discomfort can follow – so Naudia wanted to create a product that deterred insects in a way that was convenient, immediate, and good for nature.

“The aim was to create a product that gave people the freedom and comfort to travel and explore the great outdoors, while eliminating the stress of bug bites. Sustainability wasn’t the main objective, but it is a personal value of mine, and I think it’s important for companies to be conscious of the effect they have.”

As a result, We Drifters created a clothing line in 2019 that treats their clothes in a chemical derived from natural components found in plants to create insect-repellent clothes. The pieces are tapered at the ends to act as a physical barrier against pests and is 90% effective against insects. They can be used as pyjamas or loungewear and smell pleasant when compared to normal insect sprays.


we drifters anti insect fashion


The clothes go through vigorous testing before its displayed for purchase and it is also long-lasting, so these pieces remain insect-proof for an extended period of time. The treatment used is OENO-TEX approved, meaning it is harmless to humans, and the bamboo fabric is soft, breathable and incredibly comfortable to wear.

While COVID did create some mild setbacks for the company, the extra time allowed for them to make the best of a bad situation, “there were challenges but also advantages”. The design team have been looking at creating different designs for future wear, including the possibility of child clothing, new colours and design.

While the clothing is typically associated with travel, it also gave the company the chance to show the clothing’s other uses, as base layers for staycations and working from home loungewear, for instance.

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