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Ancient roller technique - a modern skincare hit

Ancient roller technique - a modern skincare hit

By Darcey Sergison

Jade rollers are one of the most popular skincare tools used to promote lymphatic drainage and sooth complexions. Despite featuring regularly on Instagram and other social media sights the tool is not a new addition to skincare routines. In fact, like Gua Sha, the rollers have been around since the seventh century in China.

Made from crystals these have been used in skincare for thousands of years with different stones promoting different properties. Many have incorporated these tools into their routine as they are more aesthetic than creams and more gentle used for ritualistic daily facials. Pure jade is said to boast restorative benefits and is one of the most popular stones used to make these rollers. Rose quartz and amethyst are also used. Amethyst is known as a beautifying stone and has healing properties as well as to attract positive energy.


Benefits for sculpting

The main noted benefit of using jade rollers is the lymphatic drainage which it promotes. By using the roller daily, it can increase the circulation of blood in your face and cause lymphatic drainage, so you are left with glowing skin and less puffiness. Lymphatic draining techniques provide regular stimulation of the lymph vessels under the skin. It encourages them to work harder and find new pathways to drain away the lymph using a syphoning effect to move lymph away from the swollen areas.

Through draining the lymph nodes from your skin this creates a sculpting effect for your face. The movement of using the roller creates a toning of slackening muscles. Rather than needing contouring makeup to create a chiselled cheek and jaw, using a roller will create a contoured face naturally and with no harsh products involved.


Benefits for complexion

As well as creating sculpting effects, jade rollers also can change your complexion. By storing your roller in the fridge will chill the stone so that when it is used the cold will restrict blood flow to certain areas. This means that fluid will be moved away from the centre of the face and will reduce the toxins in your skin which may cause redness.

People with rosacea have seen a difference in their skin after using jade rollers. By using the cool stone over the inflamed skin this helps to calm the problem area. As well as this if the roller is used correctly it can help calm the mind by going over pressure points such as the temples gently reducing effects from headaches. Jade rollers also have been known to help sinus congestion and eye strain due to the soft movements which expel toxins from the areas affected.


How to use

To use a jade roller, I would advise storing the roller in your fridge so that you can fully benefit from the properties of calming complexions. See selection of available Jade rollers on The Positive Company website. When you are ready to use the roller, you can apply moisturiser or serums to get the full benefits of these products without pulling at your skin.

To start the facial, start by rolling from the centre of your chin out towards your ear and repeat this on both sides of your face to sculpt your jawline. Use a few drops organic serum or face cream for the ultimate result. Then take your roller to the side of your nose and roll out to the side of your face, using your cheekbone as a guide. If you are using a double-sided roller, use the smaller jade to roll gently under the eye area. Move the roller horizontally towards your temple. You can then gently repeat this movement over your eyelids to depuff the area. When using your roller on your forehead move from the eyebrows up and out towards your hairline. Then curl round and out towards your temples. Make you repeat this to cover your entire forehead.


My experience

I have found using jade rollers a revolutionary step to my skincare routine. In particular I have found that it has aided me to feel the full benefits of the products I use as the roller does not absorb the product. As well as this it has a calming effect on my skin. As someone who has suffered from acne throughout my teens I have found it has a cooling effect on red acne scaring and helps to reduce the effects.