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Peace & Pure = skincare with a difference

Peace & Pure = skincare with a difference

By Natasha Dunn,


Meet the Brand series.


Founder, Alice Wu not only provides the nourishing, anti-ageing Timeless Elixir Facial Serum, but a space for women to feel supported and gain confidence in their skin. For Alice, self-care is vital and is only reiterated by her dedication to creating products that are jam-packed with organic ingredients, designed to alleviate any skincare woe you may come across! So, settle in and get ready to read my discussion with Alice on natural oils, emotional well-being and how to make the most out of your morning routine.

Retinol alternative skincare




Let’s begin with the brand! What is Peace & Pure’s ethos and mission?

The brand mission is to provide an environment for women to feel loved and supported. Peace & Pure is a place that is peaceful, loving, caring and encouraging, and we want to help women navigate their life journey through a brand that is both gentle and effective. We aim to provide products that are nourishing for the skin and spirit, which give women confidence. Our focus is not only skincare but emotional well-being; self-love and self-care should be a priority.

 Founder of Peace & Pure skincare

Your key product is the Timeless Elixir Facial Serum. Tell us more about its benefits and effects?

This product is an oil based facial serum. The reason for this is that we believe in the effectiveness of organic oils and its importance in skin health. I studied several diplomas and certificates in skincare, but the more I learnt the more I knew there was a knowledge gap.

I wanted to create a natural product for the skin, so I teamed up with a consultancy company who has over 30 years’ experience in skincare formulation and specifically specialise in natural skincare formulations.

 And through this collaboration we made our flagship product, in which you can see results after using for 4 weeks. People say it’s like a home spa product, it’s great for the mind and the spirit. The essential oils used are orientated around emotional well-being.


peace  pure timeless elixir

One of the most interesting ingredients is Bakuchiol, which is an alternative to Retinol, are you able to tell us how this works in the anti-ageing experience? Are there any other little-known benefits of this particular ingredient?

It’s a very strong antioxidant. It has the same effects as retinol in promoting collagen production, but unlike retinol it doesn’t cause sensitive skin when exposed to sunlight and doesn’t dry out the skin. Bakuchiol is a herb from a traditional Chinese medicine and is additionally anti-acne.


Could you tell us more about the other ingredients in the Timeless Elixir Facial serum? What are the most important components?

The Timeless Elixir also contains an extract from a tomato fruit- which is high in vitamin A, a strong antioxidant and helps with promoting an even skin tone.  Blueberry NECTA ®, which is a special blueberry seed oil, is another ingredient and it’s proven to shield off blue light, which is important, especially during lockdown. Blueberries are strong antioxidants and contain essential fatty acids, which help with elasticity.

There are also a lot of beneficial organic plant oils, such as rosehip oil, tamanu oil, merula oil, broccoli seed oil and orange oil. We also utilise frankincense for anti-ageing, and lavender which is anti-inflammatory.

The concentration is really balanced and there is no reason for a huge range of skincare products. We aim develop skincare that solves a lot of issues rather than layering lots of different products on top of each other.

How do you use this product? And how shouldn’t you use this product?

You should clean face thoroughly, do a double clean, and then tone in order to soften your skin. Then use the facial serum. You can moisturise after, but it’s not necessary.

What does the future look like for Peace & Pure?  Do you think you will branch out into more skincare and beauty products?

We are now developing a new product which is water based, for hydration of the skin, which will work alongside the elixir facial serum. This new product will help with instant hydration.

And last of all, besides the Timeless Elixir Facial Serum, what is your favourite product of all time?

I love Tata Harper, who are another natural skincare brand!

So ladies, what are you waiting for? Head over to Peace & Pure today and pick up your own bottle of the Timeless Elixir Facial Serum! Trust me, you owe it to yourself and your skin.