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How To Practice Mindful Yoga At Home

How To Practice Mindful Yoga At Home

By Hannah Guy

Mindfulness and yoga is on everybody’s radar, as more people have discovered the importance of mental wellbeing and fitness. If 2020-2022 has taught us anything, it’s that mental health is just as important as our physical health.

The closure of gyms, sports facilities and fitness classes across the nation meant that people began adapting their homes to facilitate their exercise rituals and routines. We entered the age of at-home gyms, virtual exercise classes and fitness apps. The culture surrounding fitness and how we choose to exercise has completely transformed throughout lockdown.

Despite the reopening of gyms, many people remain anxious to return to public spaces. In other words, some of us have gotten pretty used to working out in the comfort of our own homes rather than venturing outside to visit the local leisure centre. And actually, we prefer it.

In a time of uncertainty and high levels of anxiety, many people are combining exercise with mental relaxation to improve fitness and relieve stress. It’s imperative that we look after our mental health and be kind to our minds, especially during these trying times.

best yoga at home free appsAt-home yoga and meditation is the perfect way to keep the mind positive and the body healthy, without having to step outside the front door. There are many other benefits to practicing mindful yoga, such as improving strength and flexibility as well as breathing. By implementing some mindful yoga into your day, you could also see improvements to your mental wellbeing.

Anyone can transform their living space and practice mindful yoga at home. All you need to get in touch with your mind and body is here.


Apps For Yoga & Meditation


Glo | Yoga and Meditation App

Voted the best yoga app. Glo offers live and on-demand yoga, meditation, pilates and fitness classes designed to improve the mind and body. Contains classes for every level with personalised workouts, live classes with other Glo members, professional instructors and a progress monitor to track your performance.

Yoga Time: For Beginners & All

Yoga time is ideal for yoga beginners. The app offers a perfect introduction with a Beginner Yoga Series that will guide you on to more advanced levels. For yoga students of all levels there are a range of classes including Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Cardio Yoga, Strength Yoga Classes, Meditation Classes and Yoga Breathing Techniques.

Yoga Studio: Poses & Classes

A highly recommended app for yoga and meditation with guided videos and yoga teachers. Create your own custom yoga courses with hundreds of poses to choose from, from beginner to advanced.

This app is ideal for meditation and exercise for mind and body. You are also able to track calories, workouts and mindful minutes to follow your progress.


Everything You Need To Practice Yoga At Home

 Kati Kaia Yellow Luxury Yoga MatKatie Kaia Stylish Thick Natural Rubber Yoga Mat

For a luxury look and cushioned support, Kati Kaia’s yoga mat offers a 4.5mm natural rubber base and vegan suede top. Designed to protect your joints and give you full support for the most advanced yoga poses. This mat is high performance, natural and sustainable.

Price: £95







Lily of London Ginger & Lemongrass Candle Lily Of London Natural Candles

Mental relaxation can help improve mental wellbeing, which is why scented candles are ideal for relieving stress, relaxing the body and clearing the mind. Combine this Lily of London candle with your meditation or yoga sessions to stimulate your senses and calm your body. Candles are vegan friendly and cruelty free.

Price: £25


RYLEY Sports Bra

ryley sustainable luxury activewear ukThe Lola sports bra by RYLEY is a wardrobe staple for any yoga attire. The bra has adjustable straps, to provide fitted support and durability, for movement and flexibility. Made from 100% fully recycled fabrics and lining.

Price: £85







Studio Ehr Classic Black Leggings

studio ehrLeggings are a necessity for any yoga workout to provide full movement and flexibility. Studio Ehr high-waisted Classic Leggings are sublimely flexible with quick-dry and full- compression fit technology. Made with ultra-silky, recycled, sustainable Italian performance yarn ECONYL® for environmentally conscious women.

Price: £130