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Sustainable Cleaning Products: How to tidy your home without dirtying the planet

Sustainable Cleaning Products: How to tidy your home without dirtying the planet

By Paige Mowbray


Household cleaning products aren’t often in the forefront of our minds. They’re something that tends to get thrown into the trolley mid-way through the tiresome weekly shop. As a result, many of us often forget the impact that such high volumes of chemicals and plastic bottles can have on our planet.

In order to take the hassle out of hunting for more sustainable cleaning choices, I’ve compiled a list of three of the best household cleaning brands that provide a more sustainable alternative to the ones you might pick up alongside your weekly food shop.


Aer: Kitchen and Bathroom Cleaning Products

If cutting down on plastic is something that you are particularly passionate about, Aer refill system is the perfect solution for you. The brand’s ethos centres around three key themes: less plastic, less chemicals, and less waste.

Their products are stored in reusable bottles and can be refilled with their sachets – so that you don’t have to purchase a new bottle every time. Outside of lowering plastic consumption, Aer's products are also: vegan, not tested on animals, free from harsh and toxic chemicals, and produced using natural plant-based formulas. They have both kitchen and bathroom cleaning ranges, making them a versatile brand for use throughout the home.

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Smol: Laundry and Dishwashing

In terms of laundry, another household cleaning task often given little thought to the sustainability of, Smol provides a great sustainable alternative to other household name brands. This brand offers a subscription to more sustainable clothes washing that reduces: plastic usage, chemicals produced, carbon emissions, and water usage. Laundry tablets are delivered in cardboard packaging (that still includes a child safety mechanism) as frequently as you tell them that you’ll need them replenished, removing the stress of rushing to the supermarket to pick up a box when you run out unexpectedly.

Smol also offer dishwasher tablets, further increasing the ease of subscription-based cleaning supplies. Utilising a dishwasher over handwashing is also a great sustainable choice for reducing water usage, as dishwashers have been found to be, on average, four times more water efficient than washing by hand per place setting.

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ECOS: All Things Cleaning

ECOS’s sustainable practices run beyond their products, with their facilities being powered by 100% renewable energy and use both carbon-neutral and water-neutral methods. TRUE zero waste have platinum certified ECOS, assuring its almost one million household buyers that it’s a genuine sustainable addition to their cleaning routine. They offer a diverse range of products, from baby care to pet-care to cleaners and disinfectants, making them an easy way to swap out anything in your cleaning routine for a more sustainable alternative.

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