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The Most Sustainable Makeup Brands

The Most Sustainable Makeup Brands

By Antonia Castano

When it comes to taking care of the body and the environment, the first thing that comes to people's mind is food and the products they consume. They want the packaging to say “ecological”, “biodegradable”, “organic”. But just as we are attentive to what we eat and drink, what happens when we buy cosmetic products? It is no longer important ?

The definition of sustainable makeup is constantly changing. It is a matter of learning and adapting. There is no need to change your makeup drastically, but when it comes to renewing products, choose the best ones for the environment and for yourself.

Whether you're new to sustainable makeup or want to discover new brands to buy, here are the best sustainable makeup brands.


Elate Beauty Elate beauty offers products without compromising the health of any person, animal or the planet. All of which are cruelty-free International certified, PETA certified vegan, and gluten free. The Canadian company uses ingredients that are 90% organic and they are moving towards zero-waste beauty products.

The brand is:-Cruelty free -Vegan -Non-toxic -Ethical Sourcing -Thoughtful packaging.

2. AXIOLOGY NATURAL ORGANIC LIPSTICKAxiology Axiology is a luxury lipstick specialist that’s “100% evil free”, referring to their policy against things like palm oil and animal testing. Around 70% of their ingredients are organic, some of them are (avocado oil and butter, orange essential oil, elderberry extract, coconut oil, and grape seed oil).

The brand is:-Cruelty free -Vegan -Non-toxic -Palm oil free -Ethical Sourcing.

3. PHB ETHICAL BEAUTYPHB Ethical Beauty The entire makeup brand is handmade. Their products include organic oils, vitamins and plant waxes which protect sensitive skin. PHB uses 100% natural ingredients and organic ingredients across their range of products. The packaging of the brand is recyclable and they donate 20% of their net profits to various charities.

The brand is:-Cruelty free -Vegan -Non-toxic -Ethical Sourcing -Thoughtful packaging -Palm oil free.

4. FAT AND MOON COSMETICSFat and Moon CosmeticsFat and the Moon Cosmetics is a handcrafted sustainable makeup brand. All the products are using only “plants that are abundant, ethically harvested and organically cultivated and combine them in formulations that are radically non-toxic” (-Fat and moon cosmetics). The founder is a herbalist who is aiming to provide herbal products to people who are looking for effective and natural makeup.

The brand is:-Cruelty free -Vegan -Non-toxic -Ethical Sourcing -Thoughtful packaging -Palm oil free.


Vyana MakeupThis sustainable makeup uses top ingredients to formulate its all-natural, vegan, and zero-waste makeup. Vyana makeup is handmade and they are a green company that strives to be more sustainable.

The brand is:-Cruelty free -Vegan -Non-toxic -Ethical Sourcing -Palm oil free.

These are just some of the most sustainable makeup brands. As time passes, cosmetic companies realise how important it is to help the environment through their products, and the consumers pay more attention to what they use on their body. It's never too late to help the planet and yourself.