Owen Barry

Sheepskin Mittens


These super-soft sheepskin mittens have been designed with a specific purpose, as well as looking very cool they are ideal for customers who need extra warmth.

With their knitted snug wool blend cuff they are sure to keep your hands snuggly warm.

These mittens are perfect for people with poor circulation, as the cuff is soft but snug (NOT itchy) and comes a good length up to your forearm.

They are available in Navy with a Black knitted cuff, Or our Mojabe Dark Oatmeal with toning knitted cuff both are practical and classic sheepskin colours, that will tone with every outfit. - Available in two sizes Medium and Large.

Medium = Width across palm 10cm, length from fingertip to top of ribbed cuff 19cm (cuff length = 7cm) 

Large = Width across palm 12cm, length from fingertip to top of ribbed cuff 21cm (cuff length = 7cm)

Merino Sueded Sheepskin

Merino Ironed Sheepskin is recognised as being the finest shearling in the marketplace, these exquisite skins have a plush velvet-like ironed wool and a super silky suede, they are medium to lightweight,  the perfect skin for the finest sheepskin garment.

Merino sheepskin has a way of "falling" when manufactured is stunning, second to none and the "handle" of these pelts has to be felt to be believed - it is buttery soft and supersensuous like silk.