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Positive Energy Citrine and Rose Quartz


RELIEVE STRESS AND HEAL THE HEART with this special Citrine and Rose Quartz crystal scented candle.

The genuine Madagascan Rose Quartz and Citrine gems inside gently heal and open the heart and mind to bring joy and love into your life.

Use these candles whilst meditating to relieve tension and enjoy the relaxing effects.
NATURAL, ORGANIC, SOY BEAN WAX AND PURE ESSENTIAL OILS makes this candle non-toxic, cruelty free and paraben free.

Natural ESSENTIAL OILS provide a beautiful, home fragrance whilst also bringing health-boosting benefits.

Large 900g

💎Rose Quartz
Associated with friendship, this pretty pink crystal is also associated with unconditional love and is said to restore trust and harmony in relationships. Rose Quartz is believed to purify and open the heart at all levels to promote friendship, and is also associated with love and self love, deep inner healing and feelings of peace. Said to be calming and reassuring, it also is associated with comfort in times of grief.

💎Citrine Crystal
Citrine is the yellow variety of quartz, and its name comes from the Old French word for lemon. Its warm colour is said to be a gift from the sun, making this golden gemstone the perfect option for brightening up a typically chilly autumnal month. Citrine has been a popular decorative gemstone since ancient times.

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