Alexa Martha Designs

16x20 inches Acrylic Painting Fear Not For I am With You


Experience a 16x20 inches Acrylic Painting print that conveys a powerful, reassuring message--"Fear Not, For I am With You."  Troublesome waters reflecting the night sky which brings God's light to a fearful sea, instilling in you the belief that you are never alone--God is always with you. A lone boat rests in the sand at the shore, ready to face whatever the future holds.

Message from the artist:

I was not sure if the painting was finished, because the boat only holds one ore. The message came to me later, when I realized I was standing before dark waters with only a boat and one ore. Who do you trust?

Original Acrylic Painting 16x20 inch by Alexa Martha

Prints are available only by Pre Order  as these are done out of the house and 1-2 weeks have to be planned in. If my prints are ordered I will make sure I stay in close communication with the buyer until you have received your beautiful High Quality print on a Wrap Around Canvas.