Alexa Martha Designs

3-Pack Large 10 Gauge Bare Copper Hammered Textured Bangle Bundle


 This is a bangle for larger wrists.

Adorn your wrists with this irresistible 3-pack of Bare Copper Hammered Textured Bangles. Crafted with 10-gauge copper, each bangle is naturally textured, making it perfect for flaunting your individual style. What will you create with this stunning bundle? Whether for glamor or everyday wear, it's a perfect fit for larger wrists 8-9" in diameter. These also make great arm bangles or upper arm bangles

  • For Larger Wrists 8-9" with a diameter 2.75"
  • 3-Pack 10 gauge Bangle Bundle
  • 10 gauge sturdy minor adjustable copper bangle
  • Sculpted and hammer patterned
  • Polished and Waxed against tarnishing

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