Alexa Martha Designs

Adjustable Hammered Copper Overlap Bangle For Him or Her


Handmade sleek super sturdy solid copper overlap bangle. This unique rose-gold-colored 3D hammer patterned bangle was designed to overlap and to be slightly adjustable for the larger wrist. That's why this model is unbeatable in elegance and style for men as well. With every turn of your wrist, this 10 gauge 2mm thick bangle reflects any light and makes the copper sparkle. Even more beautiful if ordered in multiples for the women. Order 2 and save  10% OFF

Listing is for 1 Bangle - Now they are available in multiples as well with nice discounts

as shown in picture, they look super in multiples, because they interlock as well

  • Original Design by Alexa Martha Butler
  • Hammered overlapping thick bangle
  • Unique 8 gauge or 3mm thick bangle
  • Solid and bare copper
  • Bangle is Fitted for a normal 7-inch wrist
  • Diameter of bangle under 2.5"
  • Bangle adjusts to an 8-inch wrist
  • Copper Care
  • Handmade in Montana