Aura is the emanation of energy surrounding your physical body. Your aura is 'seen' as a luminous body around your body that omits your 'vibes' to the world. Raise your vibes and vibration, and make your aura a beautiful one by flowing on Aura Yoga Mat. Other designs and prints available from Spiritual Warrior

Soul of the Yoga Mat

  • 100% Eco-friendly
  • Plant based and Vegan product 
  • Hemp padding for optimal grip
  • Provides good cushioning for the joints
  • Non-slip performance as the rubber provides a secure grip to the floor
  • The hemp surfaces increases grip when wet 
  • Excellent Durability
  • High Quality
  • Free from harmful silicone, phthalates and harmful chemicals
  • Good for hot yoga
  • Sweat-wicking
  • 24W x 72L Inch
  • Thickness: 3mm. Weight 1,9 kg.


Hemp is a “bast fibre” which means it’s derived from the stems of plants such as flax, jute and stinging nettle. Hemp is gentle on the earth as it requires very little water. The other side of the mat is made with sustainably harvested tree rubber from rubber trees, a renewable resource. These mats don't contain any PVC, EVA or synthetic rubber making your mat both kind to you and kind to the earth. 

The best thing: They come from the earth, they go back into the earth! The mat is 100% biodegradable, so by buying it you aren't increasing your carbon footprint.

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