Qua Vino

Vegas Diary Dress Swimsuit


This is a dress swimsuit that offers a unique twist of QUA VINO by matching the feminine and classic mood of the orange crust terrazzo pattern with the modern chic black corset line.

The princess-style incision line that comes down from the chest along with the silhouette and the tailored chest line accentuate a proportion with completeness.
The puffed sleeve slightly covers the shoulder and forearm lines, and the neckline is made of rubber band shirring, so it is good for any activities.
The back is deeply carved in a V shape.
Tie the ribbon to decorate.
There is an opening on the inside of the chest where the padding can be added or removed, and we will send you medium-sized oval-shaped inserts with a natural volume.


  • Outshell (print) : polyester 80%, polyurethane 20%
  • Outshell (black) : polyester 90%, polyurethane 10%
  • Lining: polyester 90%, polyurethane 10%


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