CBD Butter Ideal for topical and oral applications to help; manage pain, reduce anxiety and improve sleep.

Dutch cultivated CBD in a blend of organic Italian extra virgin olive oil in a base of thick African fair trade organic shea butter.

Vegan | Cruelty-free | Gluten free

How to use:  Place one-quarter to half teaspoon eaten raw per day or in your chosen culinary preparation. Can also be applied topically to problem skin and areas experiencing joint pain. For joint pain, it is best to use the CBD butter while taking the CBD oil orally.

Contains: CBD oil 20mls, CBD butter 50gms

This precious African shea butter and CBD oil infusion has a unique dark aroma which represents its high calibre of whole plant extraction.

The addition of the African shea creates a more gentle and more muted flavour profile than the CBD oil and also provides the ideal delivery for topical skin application.

Recommended for; joint pain, insomnia, depression and mood disorders, anxiety, general pain management, inflammation, psoriasis, acne and general bone and brain health.

 CBD 1% (100mg) Butter