Ceramic Vase Pomegranate Trio Ocean Blue 11 / 9 / 8cm


Introducing the Ocean Blue Ceramic Vase Trio from Bascuda's Pomegranate Trio Series—a must-have addition to elevate your home decor and embrace a lifestyle that celebrates artful living.

Crafted with the highest standards of quality, these ceramic vases are not only dishwasher safe and microwave safe but also a testament to Bascuda's commitment to providing functional and stylish home decor items. Designed for individuals who appreciate the finer details, this vase trio seamlessly combines practicality with exquisite craftsmanship.

The captivating ocean blue color of the Pomegranate Trio Series Ceramic Vase Trio brings a touch of tranquility and elegance to your living space. Inspired by the mesmerizing hues of the ocean, this serene shade creates a soothing atmosphere that enhances your overall well-being. Place them on a shelf, mantel, or as a centerpiece, and watch as the vases become a focal point, drawing attention and creating a sense of harmony within your home.

With three different sizes (Ø 11 / 9 / 8 cm), the Ceramic Vase Trio offers versatile styling options. Arrange them together for a visually striking display or spread them throughout your living space to create a cohesive theme. Whether you choose to showcase a single stem or a curated floral arrangement, these vases provide the perfect canvas for your creativity to flourish.

Indulge in the art of home decor and let the Pomegranate Trio Series Ceramic Vase Trio reflect your refined taste and love for artistic expression. The smooth ceramic finish and unique design details capture the essence of modern elegance, making these vases a true statement piece. They effortlessly blend into any interior style, whether it's contemporary, minimalist, or eclectic, adding a touch of sophistication to your home.

Create a serene oasis in your living space by adorning these vases with fresh flowers, dried botanicals, or even decorative accents. Watch as the Ocean Blue Ceramic Vase Trio harmonizes with the natural elements, bringing life and beauty to any room. Let their presence inspire relaxation, creativity, and a deeper connection to the environment around you.