Joana Fulana

Clear Beauty Case Butterfly Collection


Clear Beauty Case, the perfect home for your on-the-go face saving stash, it’s actually the most elegant replacement for a clear plastic bag Stay classy, gals!

With a clear exterior to help you instantly find what you're looking for, this case was created with the purpose to minimise single-use plastics & store your prized 100ml travel bottles, making your journey through airport security a total hassle free and empowering you to be kind to the planet, specifically designed to use as carry-on luggage,  as the TSA compliant at airport security to make your check-ins a breeze.

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  • Cruelty-free, made from vegan leather and clear vinyl, easy-to-clean, durable and the contents secured with a high-quality metal zip.
  • Emblazoned with a unique golden tassel print especially designed for this premium collection.
  • Customised in our signature zip puller to highlight the exclusivity.
  • Dimension: 20 x19x 8 cm