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Copper Butterfly Wing Child Abuse Survivor Earrings


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  • We donate 20% off each retail order placed with us to the Carl Perkins Center in TN 

So exquisite and fragile, butterfly wings can easily break if touched. The wings of these Copper Butterfly Wing Earrings symbolize abused children, as delicate as butterfly wings, and the sterling silver wires wrap around them to represent a broken heart from the hurt endured. My original design carefully forms these earrings to dangle gracefully like butterfly wings from your ears.

My sparkly, handmade earrings are crafted with expert care from health-friendly copper wire and antiqued to reveal a hammered texture. The design features stunning butterfly wings or hearts, adorned with a 6mm blue-black sandstone charm that celebrates the child and the awareness color. A sterling silver ear wire adds the perfect finish - and now fans of gold can opt for a 14 k gold filled version with contrast wires and ear wires of the same precious metal.

Pictures in silver and gold will be added when ordered.

  • Original Design by Alexa Martha
  • Solid Sculpted copper wire
  • 6mm blue black sandstone bead
  • Sterling silver wire wrap
  • Sterling silver ear wires.
  • Length of the earrings is 2 7/8 inches
  • Handmade in Montana


I designed this product for the purpose of causing awareness to sexual child abuse and to help prevent it by having partnered up with  Carl Perkins Centers for Sexual Child Abuse Prevention. I designed this to honor and remember the survivors of sexual child abuse. 20% of your purchase will be donated to the Carl Perkins Center in Madison, TN to help the abused.