Qua Vino

Paper Work Rash Guard Cover Up


Introducing a unique rash guard that is comfortable and stylish. With a loose body worn like a T-shirt on top of a swimsuit. This is a loose style, comfortable to wear, just like wearing a T-shirt on a swimsuit. The neckline has a soft-toned ribbed fabric, that looks youthful.

On the chest, a thick fake pocket-like design is added, the color of which is the same as the color of the neckline. It's cool to wear anytime, anywhere.
Split sleeve lines add a fashionable and sporty charm. Beautifully cropped to make the waist look slimmer.

Not only can it be worn with a swimsuit, but also with a variety of bottoms. Because it is a sunscreen swimsuit worn on a swimsuit, there is no lining and no pads.

  • One size
  • Materials: nylon 38%, polyester 38%, polyurethane 24%

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