Handmade Ceramic Bowls Set


2 Handmade Ceramic Ottoman style bowls made of high quality durable Spanish ceramics.

These creative Medium ceramic bowls are made from ingredients of the highest quality pottery. As a result, the beautiful colours and patterns on the upper layer never fade and no stain can persist.

The vivid colours and timeless patterns of ceramic bowls bring liveliness to their surrounding. Perfect crockery decoration and addition to your tableware - kitchen, living room accessories, dinner set.

The EVA sponge used in the backside of the ceramic bowls provides slip resistance. Furthermore, the diameter of these ceramic bowls are 12cm.

The ceramic material used in the upper layer of our ceramic bowl set enables you to clean just by rinsing underwater. Use these bowls for parties and spend less time washing your dishes.

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These bowls are NOT suitable for the dishwasher. Hand wash is recommended.

Each bowl has a diameter of 12cm (4.7 inches).