Sea Scrub - Scented with a blast of spearmint freshness, like the spray whipped off a curling wave' surf. Sea scrub is just that revival we all need.

Its part fused with pomace which will strip back all the negative toxins our bodies have rejected and exfoliate the dead skin cells it no longer needs.

Antioxidant, Antibacterial, Circulation increasing, Collagen and Elastin enhancing.

There is no plastic used in packaging, fully recycled eco paper is used as an alternative. Paraben & Sulfate (SLS) free, we use natural ingredients and pure essential oils instead of laboratory produced fragrances.

Best Natural Soap with Detoxifying & Rejuvenating Properties for Face and Body.
Vegan, Natural, Sustainable, Handmade, No Plastic, No SLS, No Palm oil

Combined with Hydrate Relax Body Oil, it is the prefect skin nourishment for your beauty and wellness. Ideal for combating cellulite.

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