The Pure Collection



Hydrating – Cooling – Refreshing

An instant cool thirst quencher for your skin. A high-performance mist to immediately hydrate thirsty complexions, instantly soothing and rejuvenating your skin.

For those hot days on the beach or relaxing in the sun, you will love our Face Spritzer with added Marine Phytoplankton and Rose Otto, it is a quick spray of instant coolness.

Keep it in the fridge for an even cooler spray.

The alcohol free mist is also great for dry hydrated skin in winter, remember, central heating, air conditioning and cold windy days all dehydrate our skin.

Naturally good for:

  • Soothing, softening and hydrating skin
  • Leaving face brighter, smoother and more radiant
  • Instant cooling and refreshing
  • Restoring and energising cell structure, ensuring that your skin is well nourished.

How to use:

Shake the bottle before use to wake up the Phytoplankton, then close your eyes, and spritz your face and body as required.

Other uses:

Sleep enhancer, at bedtime, spray a couple of pumps of the mist on your pillow, rose water has a relaxing and calming effect and enhances the lulling effects.

To soothe razor or waxing burns and sunburn, as rose water has anti-inflammatory properties, it is a great cooler and has a calming effect on the skin.

As a hair freshener, it freshens hair and can decrease frizz.

Ingredient list: Organic Rose Otto floral water, Marine Phytoplankton.

  • 99% Certified Organic Ingredients
  • 100% Natural Ingredients
  • Vegetarian.
  • Vegan. 
  • Cruelty Free.