Handmade Ceramic Bowl Mexican Red 21cm


Upgrade your kitchen decor with the beautiful Bascuda XLarge Handmade Bowls. These Mexican ceramic bowls, with a diameter of 20cm/7.8in and a height of 7.5cm/2.9in, are perfect for serving salad, soups, cereals, snacks, and fruit. Ceramic kitchenware is non-reactive, meaning it won't leach chemicals or metals into your food, ensuring that your food stays healthy and safe. The bowls are stackable and freezer safe, making them convenient for storing leftovers. Made with high-quality materials, these bowls are durable and lead-free, ensuring that your food remains safe and healthy. They also make a great gift for housewarming, birthday, wedding, anniversary, or Christmas. The vivid colours and timeless pattern of the Bascuda bowls bring liveliness to your home and make them a great decoration for your kitchen and living room. With a multifunctional purpose, these bowls add charm and elegance to your dining table. Use them for decoration, serving, or eating, and enjoy the beauty and functionality of Bascuda bowls.

Add delightful and elegant Bascuda bowls to your kitchen and bring a touch of Mexican style to your home. Shop now and enjoy the timeless beauty and functionality of these ceramic bowls.

Handmade Mexican ceramics
XLarge 20cm orange red bowl
Stackable for easy storage
Freezer safe for versatility
Lead-free for safety
Ideal for housewarming gifts
Great for birthdays & anniversaries
Perfect for weddings & Christmas
Durable & multifunctional
Adds decoration to kitchen & living room
Elegant & sturdy packaging
Optimal protection during shipping
Ceramic bowl for salad, soup, cereal, snacks, & fruit
Timeless pattern for a classic look
Vivid colours for a lively home atmosphere