Alexa Martha Designs

Herringbone Wire Wrap Child Abuse Prevention Half Cuff Ribbon Bracelet


Stunning Southwestern-style handmade Child Abuse Awareness bracelet artfully constructed with herringbone wire wrapping technique. Three blue-black fire crackle agate faceted beads with a handcrafted herringbone-weaved middle piece, all delicately connected to a copper plate-end-capped black leather cord. Featuring a delicate hammered copper ribbon charm, this elegant Child Abuse Awareness bracelet fastens with a handcrafted hammer hook copper offered in 2 lengths.

  • Original Design By Alexa Martha 
  • Elegant sleek design
  • Herringbone Wire Wrap technique
  • 10 mm round black -blue fire crackle agate beads
  • 3/4 inch handmade copper hook closure
  • 3mm smooth black leather cord
  • 2 available lengths
  • Size small is not available for this bracelet due to the size of the middle piece construction.
  • Handmade in Montana 


Each agate bead is different and chosen at random.