Luum Natural Rubber Yoga Mat


Luum Yoga Eco Friendly natural rubber Yoga Mat, Non-Slip, extra wide, extra long with Carry Strap.  

Add some colour to your flow with this beautiful ripple art mat. Using perfect cushion natural rubber and luxe PU, the mat is designed to stay anti slip however sweaty you get.

It’s also extra long and wide for those yogis that want to stretch out during practice.

-Dimensions: 183cm x 68cm

-Thickness: 4.5mm

-Weight: 2.7kg


-Polyurethane top layer, which stops you slipping however sweaty you get

-Base made with natural rubber which gives you cushioning and support

-Free from latex, silicone and phthalate

Body: 65% natural rubber, 15% synthetic rubber, 10% Polyurethane and 10% polyester