Fais Botanicals

Balance It Candle - Geranium + Lemon


This signature floral geranium scent is slightly herbaceous with a hint of rose and pepper, and blends in perfect harmony with the green, citrus aroma of lemon.

Presented in an elegant, dark amber apothecary jar with lid, these candles provide hours of transformative fragrance for your home as well as complementing any home décor. Being self contained, the candle is very safe to burn and will look beautiful in any home.

All of Fais candles are vegan and cruelty free and hand-poured in small batches in our studio in Hackney, London. They are made from the finest soy wax - a great vegan alternative to paraffin wax - burning cleaner and longer, and also contain a high concentration blend (10%) of essential oils.

Available in two sizes: 54 g / 5,43 oz one wick and 440 g / 15,5 oz two wick option

Net weight: 154 g / 5,43 oz or 440 g / 15,5 oz

Burn time: 154 g / 5,43 oz - min. 40 h; 440 g / 15,5 oz - min. 85 h