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Meditation Cushion Meadow Of Enlightenment


Meditation Cushion, Buckwheat Natural Yoga Meditation Pillow

Find stillness on these popular meditation cushions. Meditating on these cushions makes sitting comfortably with a tall straight spine easeful.

This meditation cushion/pillow/zafu and its half/crescent moon curve contours to your body inviting a heightened sense of comfort and support.

By gently lifting your pelvis up while still supporting your thighs (unlike many other meditation cushions) it enables your knees to move softly towards gravity (the floor) this encourages your spine to curve in its beautiful natural state and therefore creates that comfortable happy meditation position you are all looking for.

✓ Meditation Cushion size: 44 x 25 x 15 cm

✓ The Meditation Cushion Features a Carry Handle 

✓ Adjustable height (simply remove some of the stuffing if needed to find the best height for you)

✓ Designed for comfort, posture and spinal alignment

✓ Natural, eco-friendly & sustainable for you and the planet

✓ Machine washable cushion cover (easy to clean)

✓ Filled with buckwheat hulls for extra comfort and durability