Qua Vino

Orange-ade Recipe Swimsuit


This unique One Piece Swimsuit boasts a unique silhouette that looks like a camisole top with a bold U-line of an orange crust terrazzo pattern on a fresh tangerine-colored swimsuit.

It is a wired dress swimsuit that supports the chest stably, and the orange color that looks like a cute leaf highlights the look.

The thin shoulder strap reveals the shoulders confidently, and the waist crop line is designed with a proportion that makes your leg look longer.
On the back, a gold hook holds the body silhouette once more for a slim look, and the strap length can be adjusted with a slider to fit the body.

There is a cut that beautifully shows the under-hip line while covering the hips stably.

There is an opening on the inside of the chest where the padding can be added or removed, and we will send you medium-sized oval-shaped inserts with a natural volume.


  • Outshell (print) : polyester 80%, polyurethane 20%
  • Outshell (orange) : polyester 87%, polyurethane 13%
  • Lining: polyester 87%, polyurethane 13%


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