Probiotics For Dogs


🌟PACKED WITH GUT LOVING PROBIOTICS: Each scoop contains millions of live cultures to support your dog's digestive wellbeing which has many positive benefits including improved mood and cognitive function. Additionally, probiotics offer relief for dogs with bothersome itchy skin.

🎃MADE WITH REAL PUMPKIN: To make the most out of the probiotics, we've added pumpkin, a natural prebiotic fibre. Pumpkin is not only delicious but also prepares your dog's gut to be more hospitable to healthy bacteria.

🍽️EASY TO PREPARE & DELICIOUS: Sprinkle dry for a tasty garnish or mix each tsp with equal part water to create a purée. Can be added directly to food or used for enrichment activities.

🐶AIDS DOG DIARRHOEA & LESS ITCHING: A high fibre blend that provides all-natural long-term digestive and overall health year-round, especially important during allergy season.

🌿JUST 4 INGREDIENTS: Unlike many other probiotic products on the market, our blend contains only four simple ingredients.

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