Selamlique Decaffeinated Roasted Ground Turkish Coffee, Turkish Decaf Fine Grind Coffee, 1 Box of 125g


From the finest coffee beans in Turkey, to your cup of happiness. Selamlique offers you a unique opportunity to enjoy the aroma and flavor of fresh fine grind coffee.
Decaf Ground coffee - Decaffeinated Turkish coffee is a coffee product that has passed through a special process to remove any caffeine content. Turkish coffee grounds has got the smell of its roasted ground beans and their taste.
Best Size for Coffee Lover - With its distinctive smooth taste, coffee when relaxing is an essential item. Selamlique fine grind coffee made with high quality beans. The package contains 125g coffee.
Perfect Gift for Your Loved Ones - Our turkish black coffee are perfect gift for special days. Your loved ones will love Selamlique's finally fresh strong coffee gifts.