Selamlique Mastic Flavoured Ground Turkish Coffee, Turkish Mastic Flavoured Fine Grind Coffee, 1 Box of 125g


The ground beans are packaged in boxes that preserve their purity, after being blended with mastic; they are now ready to be brewed using a cezve(jazwa), Turkish coffee pot.
The mastic is an aromatic gum or resin exuded from the bark of a Mediterranean tree, used in making and chewing gum and as a flavoring. While it may be less known to many, the mastic flavor is the most common among Turkish coffee drinkers in Anatolia.
Exquisite taste and smell. Selamlique Turkish coffee operates with the focus on quality, aiming to bring back and preserve the authentic ritual of Turkish coffee drinking. Turkish coffee has a wonderful, rich full-bodied flavor.
The mill at the Selamlique factory can cut a single Brazilian coffee bean into 35 thousand pieces. This is what makes it great and better than coffee from any other hand or machine coffee grinder. 
Compared to Robusta beans, they have a stronger flavor, and less acidity. The coffee comes in an elegant tin box which makes it a perfect gift.