Sunies Slide Butterfly Gold

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Sunies Slides Hawaii Gold :

Sunies Slides Hawaii are made from renewable resources like 77% bamboo, coconut, and sugar cane fibers and 23% of recyclable PVC.

Our eco-friendly Sunies slides add comfort, elegance, and feminine elements to your daily look.

Easy to slip on and off, they can be worn at home, gym, pool or in your daily life activities.

Size recommendation: True to size. 

  • All-terrain use
  • Waterproof
  • Comfortable 
  • Insoles absorb sweat 
  • Breathable
  • Eco-friendly
  • Packed with 100% recycled cotton dust bag 

If you know anything about Sunies Slide Hawaii, you know we’re committed to combine beauty and nature therefore, eco-friendliness and sustainability are our main core motivators.

Spacious, comfortable to wear and chic looking vegan and eco-friendly Side Sandal. Suitable for everyday use and particularly great for city break. The rubber material is durable, and has it's own thread pattern. Best of all it's waterproof! Handmade finishing in high quality. Vegan friendly. 

It comes with a description of what it is made from.

Perfect gift for: vegan, cyclist, motorcyclist, eco minded and those who appreciated unique, stylish and concious accessory.

All our Sunies Slide Hawaii sandals are made in Brazil and km 0, are created in respect of nature by recycling waste materials recovered near our laboratory and are absolutely vegan and cruelty free! 

Each of our creations is the result of research into aesthetics and functionality: we recycle with the desire to create something that is still usable over time and that reflects your aesthetic taste.

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Sunies Slide Hawaii


About Sunies:

Sunies created the perfect eco-friendly shoes and Trendy Sunies Slides Hawaii made our of natural resources (77%) such as bamboo, sugar cane, coconut fibers, sale and recyclable vinyl flex grains (23%). The materials can he recycled in order to produce new shoes with the Sunies recycling program. One shoe all day! The design is specially made to bring practicality and elegance to daily activities. Sunies Slides Hawaii Gold