Joana Fulana

Eyewear Case Butterfly Collection Vegan Leather


Display your collection whether at home or on the go with the eyewear case, keeping all of your glasses in one place without risking losing them, ruining them or not finding what you're looking for. Practical, this case features four slots to keep safe all of your glasses.

It is dust-proof, dirt-resistant, avoid extrusion and deformation. Even if you happen to buy that extra pair that you will use very few times, you will always have a place to put it. Lightweight and easy to carry as it is foldable and comes with handheld strap. 

Given the lightness and small size, taking your set of glasses with you on a trip will be just a pleasure, you can put the case in your suitcase without the risk of taking up too much space or excess weight.

  • Compact, foldable, safe and hangable. Hanging this design can be a space saver in the wardrobe, behind the door or on the shelf.
  • It is also perfect for travel as it can be rolled up and has a handheld strap for easy carrying. And you can store your sunglasses and prescription glasses in one place without having to carry multiple different cases.
  • Emblazoned with our unique print is made from luxury saffiano vegan leather outer and soft velvet inner layer, sturdy, resist extrusion and prevent lens friction damage.
  • Enough storage within 4 slots expansion, the size is 19.1"(L)*6.5" (W), roll-up size is 6.5"(L)*4.3" (H)*4.3"(W), it fits your larger sized sunglasses perfectly without being bulky.