Primrose Yellow Silk Scarf


Primrose is a classic silk scarf that can be very well used as a scarf or a wrap. It is made by master shibori artisans in India. This scarf has been made by using a unique combination of hand painting and shibori technique applied in stages all by our master craftsmen who carefully make this piece in slow stages.


The scarf is made up of very soft silk organza which adds richness to the translucent appeal of the square shaped scarf. The edges are carefully hemmed using silk fabric which secures the borders and gives it a fine luxurious touch. Natural dyes are is used one piece at a time by our skillful artisans in India. Eco-friendly dyes, free of toxic chemicals are specifically engineered to ensure longer life for natural yarns used.

Material: 100% pure silk
Size: 112 cm x 112 cm (44” X 44”) (generously sized square shape )
Color: Shades of Turmeric and olive leaves hand painted. 
Artisan base: Ethically & responsibly handmade by artisans in India.
Wash care: Gently hand wash using gentle detergents and cold water.Hang dry in a cool shaded place.

What Makes Your Purchase Sustainable?

  • 100% organic dyes sourced locally and made to order.
  • Support employment of women artisans.
  • 100% handmade manufacturing process by artisans.
  • All pieces are sun dried / air dried to conserve energy. 
  • Use only 100% natural + biodegradable responsibly sourced materials.
  • Small batch production ensures higher quality & less wastage.
  • Each product comes in reusable cotton pouches, also made by our artisans.

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