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UK Sustainable Fashion Influencers You Need to Follow 2024

UK Sustainable Fashion Influencers You Need to Follow 2024

By Imogen Berrington

Social media can be a scary place, but do not worry, sustainable fashion influencers are changing this narrative and are pushing for positive change.   

Sustainable Influencers

By educating social media users on the harsh reality of fast fashion, sustainable fashion influencers, not to be confused with the typical fashion influencer, use the online world as a platform.

If you want to learn more about the fashion industry and its destructive impact on our planet and people then this spring, like, follow, share and subscribe to these UK based sustainable fashion influencers.    


Venetia La Manna has not just been all over our social media feeds in the recent months, she has also been in the news. Titling herself as a fair fashion campaigner, Venetia was one of the brave individuals behind the protest against Pretty Little Thing’s runway show back in February this year. Pretty Little Thing is a fast fashion brand owned by the Boohoo group and often sees clothing as disposable which has negative implications for both the planet and people. Standing up against this, Venetia showed her 164k followers on Instagram that there is power in people’s voices. Currently, Venetia is reaching over 82,000 likes on one of her Instagram posts about the protest. 


Aja Barber is the next sustainable fashion influencer to keep on your radar, and with 254k followers on Instagram alone, if you’re not following already, why not! Living in South East London, Aja as a writer, stylist and consultant, uses her social media as a platform to educate her followers about sustainability and the fashion industry. On Aja’s Instagram you’ll not only find some serious sustainable fashion inspiration but also sustainability facts.  

Sustainable Influencers

Up next is Rosie Okotcha, Rosie is cool, stylish and sustainable, a true triple threat. Based in London, Rosie is at the centre of fashion and her social media is an example of this. Sharing a range of content to her 2,437 followers, Rosie really does cover every base when it comes to sustainable fashion influencing. Whether you’re looking for a sustainable gift guide, charity shopping inspiration or just motivation to follow a sustainable fashion lifestyle, @rosieokothca is the Instagram account to follow.  

The penultimate sustainable fashion influencer to take a look at next time you swipe up onto Instagram is Tolmeia Gregory. Tolmeia who is currently based in Cheltenham, first started a sustainable fashion blog in 2012, at the time she had dreams to become a fashion designer. Her blog has now led her to an Instagram with 17.3k followers, a podcast and a website that showcases her work and her mission. 

Sustainable Fashion

Last but not least we have Sophie Benson, Sophie is a freelance journalist who uses her platforms as a writer to share news and information about sustainable fashion. Writing for highbrow publications, Sophie’s Instagram is just as impressive with 10.3k followers. Sharing sustainable fashion news, tips and style inspiration, Sophie knows what she is talking about and is an influencer you can trust.  


    With these five sustainable fashion influencers popping up on your social media feeds, you can educate yourself and remain up to date with sustainable fashion news. It is always important to remember no one is perfect but when we come together, we can make changes for the better.