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2024 Guide to the Best Vegan Haircare Brands & Cruelty Free products

2024 Guide to the Best Vegan Haircare Brands & Cruelty Free products

By Natasha Dunn

Sustainability, a buzzword in contemporary culture, so important and unequivocally the way forward. This branches out far beyond electric cars and large-scale industry, the act of being sustainable is applicable to every aspect of life, including your haircare. And with so many fabulous brands supplying eco-friendly products, there’s really no excuse not to jump on the bandwagon! Follow this guide to sustainable haircare, discover the trailblazing brands behind the cause and turn your mane into an eco-system of environmentally conscious joy.


Let’s start our journey with Guava & Gold. Who said sustainability meant the absence of luxury? This brand combines the two effortlessly, with natural ingredients, recyclable packaging and an array of exotic flowery aromas. Give your hair a treat with paraben free hair products such as the award winning Coco & Cherimoya Shampoo You won’t regret it!


Guava and Gold Shampoo



Step away from plastic with Nereus London shampoo and conditioners! Sustainability is paramount for this UK haircare brand, but that doesn’t mean a scale back on product. Nereus offer an amazing Cruelty Free & Vegan range of Shampoo and Conditioners for all different hair types, along with smaller samples to test and try at your leisure. They’ve even branched out into body care, upholding their ethical standards as they go. Their website includes information on brand sustainability, so you can read about the positivity you’re putting back into the planet whilst you shop.

 nereus london cruelty free vegan

Next on the list is EYWA. Organic and ethical, Italiy based brand EYWA aims to revolutionise the Beauty Industry with an eco-friendly approach. Boasting a wonderful assortment of haircare, skincare and body care products, EYWA is a treasure-trove of sustainable titbits. And if that’s not enough, their mission additionally includes a programme which encourages a ‘greener’ future for Burkina Faso.


RB ORGANICS places it’s priorities in a sustainable lifestyle and commitment to health and wellbeing. The Elixir D’Argan uses the full force of Moroccan Argan Oil to restore and moisturise your hair and scalp. But there’s a bonus, this little bottle of love doesn’t just cater to your mane, it can be used as an all over body treatment, nourishing and smoothing your skin. Featured in Glamour and Vanity Fair, RB Organics provides a must have elixir for your beauty routine and ensures that this product is not only authentic but ethical to.


RB Organics Timeless Elixir


The philanthropic 100% Pure should be your next venture if desperate to kick off the chemicals. Determined to improve the planet and remain cruelty free, 100% Pure certainly live up to their name. Natural shampoos and conditioners are in abundance, alongside treatments such as the Pro-Vitamin B5 Smoothing Hair Serum, which allows for a more manageable head of hair, free of guilt.


Last, but not least is Masami. Their haircare line is packed with natural ingredients, which are free from cruelty and additionally vegan.

The key focus is hydration and restoring hair, so it embodies its natural shine and softness. Seaweed, Mekabu powder and ocean vitamins revitalise and rejuvenate, making the Japanese brand Masami the place to shop should you require a bit of TLC.

Masami Japanese hair care


As you can see saving the planet doesn’t have to be dull and you certainly don’t have to compromise when it comes to your luscious locks. Delay no more and level-up your hair game using these cutting-edge brands.