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Hair Beautifying Bananas - How to Save Your Curly Hair

Hair Beautifying Bananas - How to Save Your Curly Hair

By Natasha Dunn

I’m bananas about bananas! No really, I am. I love them in yoghurt, in porridge and even in a sandwich (company permitting). But I’ve recently found a new use for this tasty fruit which only adds to my love of them, and that’s in my hair! Read on to learn more about bananas in haircare and how they can keep your hair looking slick.

Banana Benefits

Bananas are good for you, there’s really no arguing with that fact. But what exactly do they do for your hair? First of all they are full of natural oils and packed with potassium. And the reason why potassium is key is due to its connections with hair loss.


Banana hair mask for curly hair

According to Fox News ‘A lack of potassium could lead to several health risks, as well as hair loss. Fortunately, bananas are naturally rich in potassium and can easily satisfy that sweet tooth.’ As you may have noted this situates the benefits of bananas and potassium in haircare, to actually eating them. But the road doesn’t end here; there are more pro’s to bananas that extend past consumption and into the physical application onto your hai

So let’s talk about frizz and this is good news for all the curly girls out there! A banana hair mask can combat this common and irritating symptom of naturally drier curly hair. And as reported by Healthline this is due to the high silica content in bananas. Silica is a compound found in nature which produces collagen and ultimately helps you produce a mane of hair, absent from frizz, but full of a soft natural bounce!

But would you believe it?! That’s not it for bananas, they’re also perfect for controlling and dandruff, hydrating your scalp and supporting elasticity!

The Best Products

A personal favourite is up first and it just has to be The Body Shop Truly Nourishing Hair Mask. It smells divine and my hair never feels better than after my weekly application!


banana hair mask for damaged hair

For those suffering with dull and dry hair Briogeo’s Superfoods Banana + Coconut Hair Pack will do the trick. It works on most types of hair and includes a shampoo and conditioner, just perfect!


Briego banana hair mask for dry and damaged hair

Vegan and reparative, Umberto Giannini’s Banana Butter Leave-in Conditioner, will provide your hair with a kick of hydration and rid you of the frizz.

 Banana and Shea butter Hair pack

And finally there’s the Banana and Shea Intensive Hair Treatment from Garnier, which can be used as a conditioner, hair mask and leave-in conditioner.

Banana hair mask and hair conditioner for dry hair using banana

But if you additionally want to try your hand at some homemade hair care remedies, there’s the DIY Honey and Banana Hair Pack!


Get yourself two ripe bananas, two tablespoons of honey, mash then mix. Once your banana-ry  paste is created apply to damp hair, cover and then wash after 30 minutes.

Best banana hair mask for damaged hair

Bananas, a tasty treat and a brilliant beautifier. Next time you encounter an over-ripe banana that’s just passed its best before date, don’t chuck it in the bin, think of the hair care possibilities. Waste not, want not!