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Beginners guide to meditation

Beginners guide to meditation

Beginners guide to meditation – step by step


More than ever, we are super aware of the many benefits that the practice of meditation can bring us, and each day that passes, more and more people jump into the wonders of it.


If you ever considered trying but never gave it a go, here are a few tips that can help you get the motivation to start:


1- Start small. Don’t push yourself to do a 20 minute meditation practice on your very first day. Do it for a short amount of time and, as you feel more comfortable, slowly start to increase it.

2- You just need to find a position in which you can feel comfortable and aware of your own body. You can meditate, for example, laying down on your couch or sitting on the floor. There is no rules for that. If you feel that there is too much light and distraction around, test using an Eye Pillow to help you concentrate. 

Meditation eye pillow

3- Find your spot. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy: just find a space in which you feel relaxed and that, ideally, doesn’t have a lot of clutter or noise. If you want, you can surround yourself with plants, candles, ambient music, essential oils and even incense. Try Reiki Infused Candle from Lily Of London for the ultimate experience. 

reiki infused candle
4- Don’t try to do it without any introduction or guidance. Meditation involves practice and direction, especially in the beginning, so if you can’t recur to technicians/teachers, there are many apps out there that do an amazing job and that allows you to experiment different meditation variations.

5- While the habit is not settled, try to always do it at the same time. Some experts suggest doing it first thing in the morning, but find the hour that works best with your routine and the one that also benefits you the most.

6- When you finish your practice, appreciate yourself for doing it. Every day counts when creating a new habit and, after all, it was a time that you dedicated exclusively to yourself and that will bring enormous benefits to you and the way you treat other people. Be proud of yourself being consistent.

Begginer guide to meditation
7- If you want, engage on it with a friend or a family member. External incentive – when it is not a pressure, of course – can help you settle your habit practice, as well as serve as a good channel for exchanging tips, outputs, and feelings.


There is no right way to meditate, the key thing behind it is consistency. It doesn’t matter if can only do it for a few minutes, or if after a short time you lost your concentration. If you stick to a routine, you will eventually get better at it and be able to benefit from it. It won’t be easy, but it will definitely be rewarding.


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