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The Most Unusual Benefits of Aloe Vera

The Most Unusual Benefits of Aloe Vera

By Natasha Dunn


It is unlikely that aloe vera is new to you. It’s renowned for its healing benefits when it comes to sunburn. But what I want to discuss is the more unusual benefits of this plant, and how it can aid you in unexpected ways!


What is Aloe Vera?

 aloe vera for ear pain relief

Ok so you’ll probably know the answer to this question; yes aloe is a plant, but did you know that there are around 420 species of aloe vera

And although widely used, the best climate for growth is the desert and aloe can be found in North Africa among a wide array of other locations.


Unusual uses for Aloe Vera

Aloe vera could be considered a real ‘do all’ plant. And indeed, before clicking on this article you probably knew a fair few uses already, and I’ll be honest, so did I! But through thorough research I found a few things that really tripped me up, so let’s see if I can trip you up too with my list of slightly unusual uses for aloe vera:-


-Shrinking Warts- According to How Stuff Works, dousing a wart in aloe gel daily will help to shrink it within two weeks!

 aloe vera remedy for warts

-Soothing Heartburn-I hadn’t come across this particular ‘use’ before, but I cannot say it overly shocked me. Aloe is often thought of as soothing, and as reported by Healthline, aloe  can do just that with digestive woes.

 heartburn natural remedy with aloe vera

-Animal Ear Infections- Specifically your dog! Apparently when aloe is applied around your beloved doggies’ outer-ear, or just a drop into the ear canal, it can help soothe the painful symptoms of infection. However ensure to consult your vet beforehand!

 dog ear infection cure by aloe vera remedy

-Relieving Cystitis- Holland & Barrett informs us that even though cranberry juice is usually the remedy called upon for easing chronic irritable bladder syndrome, consuming aloe vera capsules can lessen the symptoms as well!

 cystitis aloe vera natural remedy

-A Natural Remedy for Athlete’s Foot- Anyone who’s suffered with athlete’s foot knows the pain. Well, let aloe gel be your saviour yet again by mixing it with a little tea tree oil and applying it to the infected foot!

athletes foot natural aloe vera remedy 

-DIY Hand Sanitiser- You’re probably sick of the mere mention of hand sanitiser right now. But we are still in the midst of a pandemic, so let aloe help you keep your hands clean. All you need is aloe vera gel and some rubbing alcohol- for full instructions click here.

 DYI sanitiser with ALoe Vera gel

-A Primer before Application of Make-up- That’s right, instead of using an expensive brand name primer, you could instead save money and treat your skin with aloe gel instead.


I could go on, but I think I would be writing for months, even if we weren’t counting all the mainstream uses for aloe vera! You can’t dispute it, aloe appears to be a near miracle when it comes to most aspects of life, including perhaps the weirdest from this list, your pet’s ear infections. So now I’ll leave you to your own experimentations and to perhaps try a few things from the list above!