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Reishi Mushrooms and Why Should You Consume Them

Reishi Mushrooms and Why Should You Consume Them

By Sarah Kari

With the new year having kicked in, it’s safe to say that jumping on the bandwagon and building resolutions that are firm in maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle is quite the fad. And while a large chunk of the populous ends up backtracking on said resolutions, post the Covid-19 Pandemic, the world is in a much more enlightened place when it comes to taking care of itself.

Moreover, the shift from allopathy to adopting practices which are more focused on building a deeper connect with your body and mind have become rampant than ever. With over 4.6L individuals attending yoga classes per week in the UK (Source:Finder), statistics show that the move towards adopting a greener lifestyle is highly fast paced.

And a crucial component of eastern medicine which derives its essence from adopting practices that focus on the nourishment of the soul, displays itself in the form of Reishi Mushrooms.


reishi mushroom


So, what is a Reishi Mushroom?

Simply put, it’s a fungus that grows in the hot and humid regions of Asia. With a rather large kidney shaped cap, the mushroom is considered to be the ‘mushroom of immortality’, derived from its Japanese translation. It’s often used as a deterrent in delaying Alzheimer and cancer-related diseases.


And why should you be using Reishi?


For starters, the primary benefit that the consumption of Reishi Mushrooms can offer is the much-needed boost in our immune systems. From having been stuck to our beds and the comfort of our couches, to relying on our age as a strong contender of fighting out diseases, your immune system isn’t necessarily at its best. Research suggests that the molecules found in Reishi Mushrooms increase the activity of a type of white blood cell which also known as the natural killer cells in our bodies. This particularly boost to the immune system is heavily focused on being able to resolve diseases and at large, nourish the immune system.

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Which brings us to how it has anti-cancer properties that assist in fighting the ill-fated disease quite laboriously. A study shows that of over 4000 breast cancer survivors, 59% of those consumed Reishi Mushrooms  which assisted in a faster and speedier recovery. Administered in combination with traditional treatment than of course, solely focusing on it has proven benefits which only aid in fighting off cancer.

When it comes to taking care of the heart, Reishi Mushrooms prove to have a good impact and lead to an increase in HDL, or more colloquially, ‘the good cholesterol’. Although, it may not necessarily lead to an improvement in your heart’s health considering that research in the field is still on-going. However, it’s never a bad idea to consume it in an administered manner to get the best benefits from a mushroom that quite meaningfully, promises immortality.


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And if these many reasons weren’t enough for Reishi to be the king of mushrooms, (which quite frankly at this moment, I’d be sold on them because every research I read shows multiple positives) they also enhance the anti-oxidant status of the body which helps in curtailing any damage to cells. The coveted fungus is also known to be effective in reducing fatigue and depression which assist in improving the quality of life. While there isn’t substantial evidence in the consumption of Reishi Mushrooms  for those who are healthy, they are most definitely impactful for those who have succumbed to diseases.