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Five of the Best Eco-Friendly Foundations of 2024

Five of the Best Eco-Friendly Foundations of 2024

By Natasha Dunn

There is one item that can be found in most people’s make-up collections, and that is foundation. Even if you do not claim to be a make-up aficionado foundation is somewhat a beauty staple. But as the world around us strives to become more sustainably minded, we must look at how we can apply this to a ‘make-up must-have’ such as foundation. Stick around for a list of eco-friendly foundations you won’t want to miss!

Love the Planet

love the planet foundation

Love the Planet is a Scottish brand focused on creating natural, vegan and cruelty free make-up that’s good for the planet! Their Vegan Mineral Foundation comes in a refillable tin, with eight different shades. Being a powder foundation it’s unlikely to clump, so you can achieve your zero waste goals with flawless skin.



Zao Eco Friendly Foundation

You may remember Zao from another one of my list’s! However it is inevitable that they feature again due to their range of eco-friendly foundations, inclusive of BB Cream and Foundation Sticks. But I want to talk about Zao’s Compact Foundation. Its moisturising properties will provide you with a healthier complexion whilst covering blemishes. There are fourteen shades available and once again this is a refillable product with organic ingredients.


Plant Make-Up

plant make up

As you can probably deduce from the name, Plant Make-Up is all about the plants. This brand is 100% natural, and all ingredients are sustainably sourced. Shipping is additionally eco-friendly, and packaging is compostable (or suitable for re-use). Now onto what you’re here for, the Foundation Balms which can double as a moisturiser! Oh and a bronzer and a primer and…well you get the point. This balm is an all-round skin (and planet) life saver which comes in five different shades.

All Earth Mineral Cosmetics

all earth make up

All Earth Mineral Cosmetics is truly dedicated to the environment, it’s employees, anti-animal cruelty and sustainable shipping. And if that isn’t enough then the eco-friendly initiatives they support, such as The Eden Projects, is sure to win you over! All Earth’s Mineral Foundation is a loose powder which can be used on sensitive skin and provides protection from the sun. Grab your recycled (and recyclable) pot for life now!


Lilah b.

Lilah B foundation

The Flawless Finish Foundation is long lasting and lightweight powder, full of wonderful natural ingredients. It also boasts moisturising elements and a coverage you can build through use. But not only does the foundation sound fabulous, the Recycle Program is pretty fabulous too, so make sure you check it out!


There you have it, five of the best eco-friendly foundations of 2024. And what a selection to choose from! So whilst browsing for a new foundation to add to your make-up bag, bare in mind your impact on the planet and the fact that most of these sustainably minded brands are all about natural ingredients, which are far more beneficial for the skin!